Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scaling In and Signing Off

Scaled into long-term, near-the-money GDXJ calls with an expiration date of 2013 heavily today.

I am signing off on the blog. 600 posts over a little more than 2 years - a lifetime in internet terms. I am lacking inspiration for new ways to say "buy Gold and Gold stocks and avoid general stocks, real estate and fiat currencies." Since my short term timing has been terrible over the past year, there is little point in potentially misleading others out there with an interest in precious metals. Buy the dips in shiny things and buy the dips in the companies that dig shiny things out of the ground.

I wish all speculators and investors good luck in trying to maintain the purchasing power of their savings.

If I feel I have something useful to say, I will attempt to publish it on the "standard" alternative investing sites (e.g., financialsense, safehaven, goldseek).

The Dow to Gold ratio will reach 2 and may well get below 1 this cycle. The mania phase of this current secular precious metals bull market is ahead of us and the naysayers ain't seen nuthin' yet. If the unconstitutional, non-federal, for profit, private federal reserve and our gubbamint insist on inflating their way out of this mess, 5 digit Gold is not at all an unreasonable proposition.

Best of luck!

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