Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Joyous Day in the Gold Patch

Some stocks I own that made me smile today:

DRD Gold (ticker: DROOY - see previous post on my rationale and buy point here). I took profits on this one, but I may buy this stock back if it dips again:

Capital Gold Corp (ticker: CGLD). I took profits today, so I no longer own it and I may regret getting out too early:

Andina Minerals (ticker: ADM.V). Letting this one ride:

Great Basin Gold (ticker: GBG). The long awaited breakout occurred today and I am holding on:

Claude Resources (ticker: CGR). I caught the exact top tick in this one. Only problem is, I sold it at the top tick YESTERDAY (oops...).

Northern Dynasty (ticker: NAK). Lettin' this one ride after a strong breakout today:

Almaden Minerals (ticker: AAU). From breakout to mildly oversold in 24 hours. Letting this one ride:

Apollo Gold (ticker: AGT) is trying to break out but needs another up day to confirm it. Holdin' on to this one:

U.S. Gold (ticker: UXG) is a potential early stage breakout based on the volume underpinning today's strong move, but not confirmed yet. Holding on for the possible ride:

And for those who feel there are no good buys left, I bought more Paramount Gold and Silver (ticker: PZG) today, as this stock has not broken out but should before the party is over:

On an unrelated note, I am watching the JP Morgan (ticker: JPM) chart here with keen interest (following is a 60 minute intraday linear chart of the last 5 months):

Gold remains strenuously overbought here and I don't know how much further we are going to go before taking a breather. Happy speculating for those so inclined! provides you with the information to make the right decisions on your AU 5 Day investments

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