Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eating Gold

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This one here's for all the paperbugs that have been zombified, brainwashed and stupefied by almost 40 years of paper debt-based money backed by nothing and by the banksta and apparatchik media circus that support it. For those who drink the Kool-Aid and think CNBC is designed to do anything other than sell advertising and rip your face off as a retail investor, here it is. It's actually a secret, but I'm going to let you in on it. Come closer and listen carefully:

"You can't eat Gold."

Actually, let me say, you can eat Gold and many people do. It's actually pretty good. This is not the point of my comment. The point of my comment is to try to teach paperbugs how they are sleepwalking and have been dumbed down below the level of sheep. While the link above clearly shows that Gold can be a delectable addition to many foods, let's look at eating the investments that recommends:

- King Dollar/U.S. cash (and other fiat paper cash): bland, dry, and ink poisoning is possible with excess consumption.
- Stocks: can't be eaten, as they are no longer real and are only electron entries on computers. Try proving to anybody who cares that you actually own a stock in any company. It's like trying to eat air: so unsatisfying!
- Bonds: So small, light and constantly decreasing in purchasing power that the calories are not enough to sustain one for even a minute.
- Energy: Oil is good, but only the sweet and light crude. Sour crude is downright nasty, although some swear it is an acquired taste.
- Real estate: I actually like copper plumbing, but only the fresh stuff in the newer subdivisions that isn't overly oxidized. Cement and the particle board used in most modern construction is too bland and requires a lot of hot sauce to be palatable.

Can we all just step back for a minute and discuss just how insane it is to talk about eating one's investments? I am not against investing in food. In fact, this is an underpriced investment right now for the most part. But, really? Not able to eat it? This is how we judge Gold and other precious metals?!

Now, I do understand that there is a certain element who preach about not only investing in Gold but also preach about the end of times, Armageddon scenarios and poop hitting the proverbial fan. OK, fine, I'm going to let you in on another little secret:

If you think the end of the world is coming, you shouldn't be talking about investing! You should be growing food, buying alcohol and tobacco to bribe the descending hoards, making friends with everyone in your neighborhood/area and stocking up on ammunition. What do percentage gains matter in such a scenario? I'll grant you that Gold and silver may be valuable for bartering during such times, but holding more than the bare minimum will simply set you up for theft and worse!

Another completely insane statement propagated by the hypnotized sheeple:

"You can't spend your Gold at the store."

The last time I tried to buy groceries with my imaginary electronic Apple stock, I was escorted out by security. Heck, even U.S. Treasury Bills and bank CDs are worthless at Wal-Mart! How is this relevant?!

Sorry for the pointless rant. It just gets to be too much some times when I get questions and comments from certain people. Worthless paper fiat money is more of a religion than any cult and its followers treat Gold like it is kryptonite. Oh well, we can't all get rich this cycle...

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