Sunday, July 24, 2011

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Here are some short-term charts I sent to my subscribers Tuesday night (July 19th) for GDX, GLD and SLV:

The next morning as the markets opened, I sent out an email alert for traders to buy paper precious metal ETFs and/or precious metal stock ETFs pronto. The bottom was that morning for Gold, silver and precious metal stock indices. I think we move significantly higher over the next few weeks in the precious metals sector.

Just a glimpse of what my new service provides. It is geared towards trading, as my investment advice is too simple to justify a newsletter: buy physical Gold (and silver). And then buy more.

Consider joining us if you are so inclined to speculate in the casino with some of your capital. I focus on the precious metals sector but am happy to go short or long when trading, as I have no allegiance to any asset class in the short term.

In fact, I am already planning for our first big short position in the pending cyclical global stock bear market. For now, it's long all things precious and metal, but we are getting close to the end for the few remaining Western stock markets that haven't broken down. One of my favorite ratios, the industrial metals to Gold ratio ($GYX:$GOLD) as well the copper to Gold ratio I suspect will provide the "all clear" signal to start going short. Here's a 2.5 year weekly $GYX:$GOLD chart thru Friday's close to show you what I am looking for:

If we don't breakdown, no problem. We'll just keep making money on our long precious metal positions. Long or short. It doesn't matter to me when trading.

When it comes to investing, I never lose sleep knowing that I own shiny physical metal during a secular downtrend in the Dow to Gold ratio. This ratio will reach 2 before the secular Gold bull market is over and we may go below 1 this cycle.

As an aside, the public where I live still has no clue. I went to one of those "Out of the Box" Gold stores (i.e. sell us your Gold jewelry at a lousy price outfits), which actually had decent prices for standard bullion, and chatted up the manager. He said their business is booming. Every time the price of Gold goes up, the store is flooded. Flooded, that is, with people rushing to sell their jewelry. They are seeing roughly 90% sellers and 10% buyers so far this summer. Just a little anecdote for thought, as those same 90% will be buying their jewelry back (and hopefully my Krugerrands) near the top of this Gold bull market. Sad but true...

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