Monday, October 12, 2009

GDXJ Constituents Now Available

The anticipated new junior Gold miner ETF from van Eck Global, the firm behind the GDX Gold miner ETF, should be available for trading soon (within the next 1-2 months). The consituents of the pending ETF are now available via this link (click on "daily constituents" link at this site or just see my re-creation of the list below). I have to admit that I was disappointed that 3 of the top 5 holdings are predominantly silver miners. Once one gets beyond the initial disappointment and looks deeper into the roster, it looks like a great basket of junior Gold mining firms to own.

Not only that, but institutional and trader money will pile into this ETF once it is available and these firms will thus become more liquid. A decent play would be to buy any of these firms now if they look like they are in a correction still and haven't moved to the upside significantly recently. This ETF will create a bid for many of these small caps firms that otherwise wouldn't be there.

I for one, despite my disappointment in seeing Coeur d'Alene, Silver Standard and Hecla in the top 5 holdings by weight, plan to buy into this ETF once it becomes available. I think the timing of this ETF release is wonderful and should be celebrated by junior Gold mining investors, as it will allow big insitutional and retail money to help fuel the massive rally in junior Gold mining stocks over the next few years.

Saddle up, speculators. It's going to be a wild ride once it really gets going.

Here's a re-print of the list of miners that will be in the GDXJ, which again is not yet available for trading:

Company (Ticker)
Andean Resources Ltd (AND.TO)
Avoca Resources Ltd (AVO.AX)
Dominion Mining Ltd (DOM.AX)
Kingsgate Consolidated Ltd (KCN.AX)
Medusa Mining Ltd (MML.AX)
St Barbara Ltd (SBM.AX)
Alamos Gold Inc (AGI.TO)
Aurizon Mines Ltd (ARZ.TO)
Colossus Minerals Inc (CSI.TO)
Detour Gold Corp (DGC.TO)
European Goldfields Ltd (EGU.TO)
Fronteer Development Group Inc (FRG.A)
Gabriel Resources Ltd (GBU.TO)
Gammon Gold Inc (GRS.N)
Gold Wheaton Gold Corp (GLW.V)
Golden Star Resources Ltd (GSS.A)
Great Basin Gold Ltd (GBG.TO)
Jaguar Mining Inc (JAG.TO)
Kirkland Lake Gold Inc (KGI.TO)
Lake Shore Gold Corp (LSG.TO)
Minefinders Corp Ltd (MFN.A)
New Gold Inc (NGD.TO)
Northgate Minerals Corp (NXG.A)
NovaGold Resources Inc (NG.A)
Romarco Minerals Inc (R.V)
Rubicon Minerals Corp (RMX.TO)
San Gold Corp (SGR.V)
Semafo Inc (SMF.TO)
Silver Standard Resources Inc (SSRI.O)
Silvercorp Metals Inc (SVM.TO)
Ventana Gold Corp (VEN.TO)
Lingbao Gold Co Ltd (3330.HK)
Avocet Mining PLC (AVM.L)
Real Gold Mining Ltd (0246.HK)
Allied Nevada Gold Corp (ANV.A)
Coeur d Alene Mines Corp (CDE.N)
Hecla Mining Co (HL.N)
US Gold Corp (UXG.A)

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