Thursday, October 1, 2009

Junior Gold Miner Lottery Plays

Starting to put in bids and nibble on junior Gold miners as lottery plays. I am looking to buy poorly performing miners or those deep into a correction. These are longer-term plays but may be sold at any time if they skyrocket higher quickly (possibly to be bought back later).

I am not playing the "story" behind the stock or the fundamentals, I am playing the charts. Just like the bubble, even the pigs will fly once the party really gets started.

These are stocks I have either recently bought, have recently placed limit orders to buy or am about to place limit orders to buy and these are presented in no particular order (all charts thru yesterday's close):

These are not for the faint of heart and I know nothing about these companies, other than the fact that Jim Sinclair is the CEO of TRE, all of these firms are traded on American exchanges and all came from lists generated by so-called mining stock experts. Some of these will go up more than 1000% over the next few years and one or more will likely go to zero. I will be looking to buy stronger Gold mining stocks once they have deep corrections.

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