Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BHP - a possible short set-up

BHP Billiton Ltd. (Ticker: BHP) is a multinational blue chip base metal miner (and mines some gold, too, but not its focus). Its chart has a potential pattern that could be worth some good money as a short-term trade. I believe this pattern could complete as early as this week and if BHP gets to the 50-55 level, I'm in for some put options as a quick trade trying to make 20-30%.

The $VIX or Volatility IndeX is low, low, low relative to very recent history. This means options are cheaper and means they should be about to get more expensive, which can be a wind in your profit sails if you buy at the right time (easier said than done, of course). Take a look at the current 6 month VIX chart:

Bottom line, if we get to 50 on BHP this week (or early next week), the risk-reward balance will have me looking to buy puts as a less than one month trade.

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