Thursday, March 19, 2009

Evidence shifts to gold correction being over

I have been trying to time the gold bull now that I own a core of physical gold and a few miners, using the rest of my investment funds to speculate on the shorter term swings in stocks. I had anticipated the gold stock correction had a few more days to go, but purchased all my RGLD and some of my desired GG "early" in case I was wrong. I was wrong. Though nothing moves in a straight line, the past 24 hours' price action in the gold miners looks impulsive and I believe the final leg up in the spring rally has begun, which should last 2 months or less.

For those, like me, who missed getting fully long into their preferred gold mining shares at the lows, remember that the pullback after the first mini-leg up (i.e. measured in days) is often fairly steep and should provide another decent entry point. I missed my chance to accumulate more physical gold at the lows yesterday as it just missed my self-set entry "buy signal" of $880 and when it got close enough for me to consider pulling the trigger, I was busy at the day job.

Mr. Market teaches yet another lesson to those of us who think we have it figured out. Speculating entails risk (not that a "buy and hold" strategy doesn't...). I always feel more comfortable with the longer-term than the shorter term. The "big picture" is clear: gold and gold stocks are in a long-term bull market that is nowhere close to being finished and general stocks and real estate are in long-term bear markets that are not close to being finished.

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