Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Goldman Sachs - The Pig is Dead

Long Live the Pig. Short the Pig if you've got the guts to wait it out. Goldmun Sucks (ticker: GS), the desperate hedge fund that failed despite all its insider information and government support, is done. Will it take awhile to reap major dollaz from this trade? Yes. Will it be a volatile ride? Yes.

Goldman Sucks is the most overvalued hedge fund on the planet and they're going to new lows. If not this year, then in the first quarter of 2010. They are currently in the 130s and they're going to break below their Panic of '08 lows at 47. If you know how put-buying works and you're comfortable buying 2011 LEAPS, this is a MAJOR opportunity.

The pig is dead and today's volume confirmed. Someone stole their cheating (I mean trading) program and now the full force of the government and law enforcement will rise up to crush Goldmun Sucks' opposition. And you know what? Even if they succeed, the pig will fail anyway!

All taxpayers can participate to get some of their money back, as this is the guaranteed trade of the next 12 months. With Goldmun Sucks, however, it is always prudent to wait for a spike upward before initiating a put buy. I would recommend buying puts instead of shorting Goldmun Sucks, as the government will absolutely ban shorting Goldmun Sucks again (to no avail) and you don't want to be caught in the short squeeze and have to turn a profit into a loss when the apparatchik decree to save Goldmun Sucks comes (and it will, believe me).

The evil short sellers are about to have a field day with this overpriced hedge fund that cheats and still can't win. The wall at 150 was insurmountable, as predicted, and now the volume has confirmed that the pig will fail. To the charts, yo (1 year daily on a log scale due to the volatility of failure followed by the pump that comes from free taxpayer money and screwing the public on every trade):

GOLDMUN SUCKS WILL MAKE NEW LOWS BELOW 47 IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS. ONLY A REVERSE STOCK SPLIT CAN PREVENT IT! The government can't stop it, cheating can't stop it, and Hanky Spanky Paulson has already sold all his stock at 150, so he could care less...

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