Thursday, May 7, 2009

Think the opposite and you'll do fine

This link speaks of the wave of relief that everyone is experiencing due to the banks passing their "stress tests." Of course, this is a lie intentionally spread to deceive and soothe the troubled spirits of those who pretend to give a shit but are too lazy to look into the matter beyond what mainstream headlines say.

The stress test was an obvious farce, our banking system is insolvent and getting more so by the week, and widdle Timmy Geithner inspires as much confidence as Eddie Haskell did on Leave it to Beaver.

No, stocks are not in a new bull market. No, banks are not a safe place to keep large sums of money. No, the private corporation called the federal reserve is not a government institution and it does not have your best interests at heart. No, Obama cannot (and will not try to) fix this mess. No, you should not buy a house right now.

Yes, things are going to get worse before they get better - much worse. Yes, buying physical Gold (not the GLD ETF, which will turn out to be a HUGE scam), getting out of the stock market and questioning everything your government says is patriotic. Yes, this bear market will devastate people who insist on buying and holding stocks despite overwhelming current and historical information to suggest this is a terrible idea. Yes, I will shut up now and go to bed.

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