Sunday, November 15, 2009

All Kinds of Early Breakout Charts in Gold Stocks

I see early technical breakouts in multiple Gold stock charts on a survey of companies I have been keeping an eye on (some because I own or have been buying or waiting to buy and some because they are simply stocks I watch to survey the "health" of the sector).

In no particular order, here are multiple stocks that are in early breakout patterns. All are 1 year daily candlestick charts. Full disclosure: I am a raging Gold and Gold stock bull right now and see all surprises as coming to the upside. I own all of the stocks (options in the case of RGLD) in this list except Newmont and Barrick. I am biased.

Royal Gold (RGLD):

Barrick (ABX):

Newmont (NEM):

Apollo Gold (AGT):

Tanzanian Royalty (TRE):

Pediment Gold (PEZ.TO):

Richmont Mines (RIC):

And, of course, there are others.

There are PLENTY of Gold stocks out there that are not overbought! Because Gold stocks can be rather volatile, I always buy them before a breakout or after a sharp pullback. There are other Gold stocks that have not yet broken out but look ready to (e.g., NAK, PZG, GBG, RR.V, ADM.V). Anyone care to share some Gold stocks in an early break-out or looking like they are about to break out?

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