Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Junior Gold Mining Stock List - Updated and Improved

A tech-savvy reader (thanks, Paul!) got the Junior Gold Mining Excel spreadsheet into a google docs format, which is now expanded and improved. I have added some additional companies based on reader feedback (not all, still have a few to look into as info keeps trickling in from around the globe) and have added multiple new categories related to share structure, location of operations, number of ounces of Gold resources and/or reserves, etc.

As you will notice, there are many blanks yet to be filled in. I could still use some more help if anyone has SERIOUS interest. Anyhoo, here's a link to the document (charting/technical analysis opinion has NOT been updated since 10/22/09) and below is the webpage address if clicking the link isn't working for you:


I believe this webpage will update automatically whenever additions are made to the spreadsheet. Happy speculating and please consider clicking on an ad or two here at the blog or making a donation via Paypal if you benefit from such time-consuming research!

P.S. None of the data is guaranteed as accurate and all data is subject to change at any time given the number of companies on this list and infrequent nature of the updates that will be provided. The technical analysis opinion in the spreadsheet is mine and I am not a certified market technician. Feel free to pass along any info that would help get this spreadsheet updated or correct any errors (my email address is abrochert@yahoo.com or you can use the comments area).

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