Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Working With GoldMoney

GoldMoney. The best way to buy gold & silver

I have started working with on their marketing/advertising. This makes me biased. I am a client. I like their service. I am now being paid to write for them. I just wanted anyone to know who cares, especially since you may see some GoldMoney commentary in random places throughout cyberspace with my name on it now and in the future.

I think their service is a good way to diversify risk. Holding physical Gold in your possession is the only way to eliminate risk and you should get some physical metal in your possession before diversifying into other options in the Gold patch. Putting your cash into GoldMoney is just like putting your money in a bank but you are holding actual physical Gold (i.e. real money) rather than paper debt notes created by a mafioso with a no-bid contract to print quasi-money (i.e. the federal reserve, which is not federal and has no reserves).

GoldMoney is a good company. Every company has risks. Giving your money to anyone requires taking risk. I laugh at paperbugs who are afraid to buy Gold when all their savings are in a crappy 401(k) or IRA account that offers a cafeteria menu of toxic choices that are inappropriate for savers trying to avoid risk. GoldMoney gives you an option to store physical Gold outside the country. Once your backyard is no longer able to grow grass because the soil is completely full of shiny metal, I believe alternatives are reasonable. If you're one of the fortunate ones who still has a job and still has an un-American interest in shunning excessive debt and saving the fruits of your labor in a non-debaseable currency, is a reasonable option to explore. Click here to give me credit for the referral:

I cannot guarantee your safety. I cannot guarantee the long arm of the law won't brand you a criminal for being smart and then steal your savings. I cannot guarantee anything. But I use the service and I like it. I am also now a paid consultant/writer for their service, so take what I say about with a grain of salt.

On a different note, I started nibbling on more puts in commercial real estate today. Couldn't resist. I remain black bile bearish on the stock market at current levels. Asia is in the black tonight, so perhaps I'll get a chance to buy some more puts tomorrow at an even better price.

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